Expect the unexpected from this wild experience!

Situated on Morewood Farm & Activity Centre, you will find Acrobranch Hillcrest. The 30-ha Farm is a membership-driven activity center offering Mountain-biking, Trail-running, walking, hiking, birding and a kids’ play area.

With four exhilarating tree-top Adventure courses and a range of difficulty levels, Acrobranch Hillcrest caters to both the young, old, and the experienced, from individuals to groups.

Not only are our adventures “all-around” fun, but it is a great activity to build confidence and coordination. Slide, balance, jump, crawl, dash, swing, or stroll – our courses will test your physical ability, brainpower, and balancing skills. It is a wonderful way to get those muscles and minds working in a beautiful and peaceful outdoor setting.

Safety is our priority at Acrobranch and we ensure that every individual is harnessed and given training before embarking on any of the courses.

We have introduced the Clic-It system at all our parks. A continuous belay system; prevents anyone to detach both carabiners at the same time. Obstacles including zip lines have all been designed and built to European standards and verified by European industry experts. Our safety gear is EU-marked and imported directly from Europe. When you arrive, we will first brief you for a bit of safety before you leap off to an obstacle course. Our experienced instructors will keep a watch over things, ready to jump in if a helping hand is needed.

Kids between the ages of 3 to 6 can let loose on the Acro-twigs course. Designed to keep your little ones safe as they take on the challenge of the 19 obstacles. The course is dutifully monitored by our expert staff. Our adult courses are structured for different fitness levels. Kids can also participate in these courses (terms and conditions apply about age restrictions).

Our Beginners Course, Monkey Moves course, gradually increases in height and consists of 20 obstacles. The Beginner’s course is suitable for kids from age 7 to adults.

If you feel that you would like to test your limits, why not opt for our Swinging Tarzan course? Experience the 18 action-packed obstacles that our intermediate course has to offer & explore together. The Intermediate course is suitable for kids from 7 years to adults. (Need to be 1.3 m or taller)

Then, for the more daring, why not attempt our High-Flying course? (Also known as the ultimate Acrobranch Challenge & our highest course on offer). Reach new heights with our challenging 19 obstacles course (incl. the Big Zip), which will test your agility and balance. Suitable for kids from 9 years of age to adults. (Need to be 1.3 m or taller).

To complete your adventure, our Big Zip will leave a thrill in your step. The Big Zip is suitable for ages 7 to adults and is 130 m long.

Acrobranch Hillcrest is the ideal location for kids’ & adults’ birthday parties, fun days out with family & friends, corporate events & school trips. Invite your tribe to climb, swing, balance and explore their way around our adrenaline-packed courses. We also propose great packages for all group sizes, one that will create an unforgettable and awesome experience for your tribe! We will tailor the day to suit your needs and your budget.


A strict non-self-catering policy applies.

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  • Birthday Parties
  • Cashless Venue
  • On Site Restaurant
64a Springside Rd, Everton, Hillcrest, 3610
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