Learn to Fly

A two-day course that allows you to experience paragliding. This is only available on the first weekend of each new full course presented. By the end of the introductory course you may join the rest of the basic license course, your introductory course fee will then be credited towards your basic license course.

The Intro Course allows for 1 tandem flight with your instructor.
This is an instructional flight of about 20min, during this flight the instructor, whilst seated behind you, will describe and demonstrate various techniques used to pilot a paraglider successfully.

We recommend cotton pants or shorts in summer. A long sleeve shirt must be worn to prevent bruises and riser-bite. Bring a short sleeve shirt to change into afterwards. Closed shoes that are suitable for grassy and uneven terrain. Sunhat, buff, full fingered mountain bike gloves. These are mandatory! No Gloves, No training.

Water, and loads of it. Healthy snacks, such as biltong, energy bars and nuts. Sandwiches and easy to digest foods. Do not drink energy enhancing drinks such as RedBull. No alcohol is permitted during training, but we don’t mind sharing an ice cold Flying-Fish once the sun sets.

Introductory Tandem Flight Experience

Fly with a qualified Tandem Flight Instructor and enjoy the beauty of soaring like an eagle.

Tandem Paragliding is unlike sky-diving or bungee-jumping, you will not experience that “falling-feeling” as the flight starts with launching the paraglider from a mountain by running forward a couple of steps, the wing inflates and you are gracefully swept off our feet and into the skies. Once in the air, sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Your fight can be recorded on GoPro or using a selfie-stick, either way, we will assist in getting the best possible shots for you to remember the experience by.

Inland flying, as we do up here on the highveld, is very very different to the coastal soaring in Cape Town or Wilderness. We are unable to rely on a sea breeze and therefore our flight times or slots are very last minute. By remaining in constant contact we are able to give the best experience that mother nature will allow on the day. Most of our tandem flights take place on a weekend, either in Hartbeespoort or in Mpumalanga, close to Waterval Bovan. Contact us directly for prices, we do short introductory flights of 10min to stunning Cross-Country flights of up to 45min.

A unique paragliding course adapted for mountaineering

“We were wanderers from the beginning. We were bounded only by the earth, and the ocean, and sky. The frontier was everywhere!”
– Carl Sagan

For almost all trail runners, the mountains have a certain romance. The zest to explore the mountains is what drives most. Just as trail runners are bounded by the earth, paraglider pilots are bounded by the sky. Both have an urge to explore more, play longer. Driven by progression, and a uncontrollable love for the mountains, it was only a matter of time before these two disciplines would meet! From this love affair, a new child was born. Welcome Run-and-Fly!!

For as long as paragliding has existed, pilots have been walking up mountains and flying off top. Technology has advanced significantly since those early years, the gear is much much lighter and so a sub-discipline has been born… Hike-and-Fly.

Coupled to that is vol-biv flying, where pilots spend days in the mountains, unassisted. Latest technological advances in paragliders allows for a wing to erigh 986g to be precise! Yes, an aircraft less than the weight of your water!! This brand new sub-discipline is Run-and-Fly.

Now you can stand on a mountain summit, watch the sunrise, and be back before the rest of world wakes up.
Explore more. Play longer. With Run-and-Fly the mountains become a playground of note!

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