GLIDING ACROSS THE OCEAN on the worlds most advanced water bike is the most exciting & unique way to experience the ocean around Simon’s Town, famous for its marine life & spectacular views of the surrounding Table Mountain range.

We cater to all those who do not want to follow the crowds but rather to those who actually dare to be adventurous and discover a fun and rewarding activity for themselves.

Our premium, non-motorized water bikes are eco friendly and are designed to be used on the ocean. Due to the elevated sitting position, you do not get wet and your ride is smooth and comfortable.

These easy, no hassle water bikes are silent, very stable, do not emit emissions, simple to steer and do not require balancing. No previous experience or skills are required and this is a truly sustainable eco-adventure.


Departure is from our private launching facility on the Simon’s Town pier where Cape Town Water Bike Ocean Adventures are based.

We offer various ocean guided adventure tours, including excursions to the African penguin colony at Boulders beach, for the slightly fitter.

On our ocean adventures, we often encounter playful Cape fur seals, other marine life and various sea birds along the way. During whale season, it is possible to have sightings of one of these magnificent mammals.

From your elevated position on a water bike on the Penguin and seal tour, you get to experience African penguins in their natural habitat as they head off or return from their hunting trips.

This unique experience with the Penguins viewed from a water bike is only possible from Simon’s Town.

It is always advisable to call beforehand re weather and availability.

Please be advised of the following to avoid disappointment: minimum height is 1.5 m and maximum weight is 110 kg’s.

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