we specialize in anything and everything to do with bicycles, we also offer multi-day hiking trips and a whole array of active day tours and team building activities.


Having toured over 20 000 km by bicycle across the United States and around the whole of Europe (with an 8-month-old baby in tow), we, Steve and Di Thomas, decided that cycle touring was the best way to see any country. We wanted to introduce others to the joy of this form of travel and create an experience that would leave our guests feeling the same sense of adventure and accomplishment that we did. In 1992 this was considered a really ‘bad’ idea, with South Africa experiencing momentous political changes, as it stumbled about dismantling Apartheid. Needless to say, it was challenging at best to find people interested in touring around South Africa on bicycles. We decided to make a compromise – a bus tour with a difference.

With an old VW Kombi and 6 bikes strapped to the roof, we went about starting Daytrippers. Offering Cape Point and Winelands tours with the aim of keeping the guests out of the bus as much as possible. Biking became the element that set us apart from other tour operators. Di handled the day-to-day logistics in the office whilst simultaneously looking after our two boys, Ricky and Bennett. Meanwhile, I (Steve) took the role of tour guide by day and marketing manager by night. i.e going out partying with the guests to “convince” their friends to come on the next day’s tour. Slowly, we started incorporating more biking with the introduction of mountain bike camps for kids. Teaching them to ride in the dirt, build trails and ramps, splash through rivers and generally have fun in the outdoors.

Slowly things began to work and as the political situation settled down and tourism to SA started to increase Daytrippers and we were ready for the upswing that followed. The first multi-day bicycle tour we did was back in 1993 with one Swiss guest and a bunch of our friends to ‘fill it up a bit’. As cycling, mountain biking and active travel slowly became more popular, business started picking up. Today, we at Daytrippers are still a family run enterprise and have some 250 bikes, 10 bicycle trailers and 8 vehicles in our fleet. Over the years our clients have become friends; our children have become guides and our guides have become family, and we still Love what we do.

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