The Elephant Sanctuary has African elephants and offers an interactive elephant experience with overnight accommodation. We offer hands-on educational elephant interactions. This provides our guests with a far more intimate experience with the elephants. Our dedicated staff is committed to the use of positive reinforcement elephant training methods and as a result, we have relaxed elephants who enjoy interacting with our guests.

Elephant Interaction Program:
7 days a week, at 08h00; 10h00 and 14h00

Guests are guided on foot through The Elephant Sanctuary. Guides will provide in-depth information and insight into African elephants. You will be introduced to our elephants in the forest area, and here you will be able to touch and interact with the elephants. You will see the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants and become a part of it.

Walk trunk-in-hand with the elephants. See Elephant Night Shelters where elephants sleep. Guests learn about elephant anatomy and are able to feed them(food for feeding included in the price). Remember to wear flat walking shoes, sun hats and bring your camera.

The 08h00 Elephant Experience includes brushing the elephants down. The different programs are available on the PACKAGE TAB with summaries as to what to expect and the rates

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