There’ s a certain dreamlike romance to riding a horse on a beach. It’s a bucket list kind of thing. And quite simply, there is no better place to ride than at the Wild Coast Sun. The beach is a massive wide open space, remote and unspoiled. There are many caves, cliffs, outcrops and isolated bays to explore and a walking trail leads you to a petrified forest.
Here, you are so close to the awesome pull of the warm Indian Ocean. There’s something magical about riding through breakers as they tumble onto the beach. The fresh salty air, the carefree wind and the distant horizon all combine to give you that light-hearted open feeling.
On the beach you don’t have to worry about bumpy surfaces, holes and crevices; you can just gallop. The sandy surface is relatively flat, the terrain free of obstacles except for ghost crabs and blue bottles. The horses are confident of their footing and ride better.

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Wild Coast Sun, Main Bizana Road, South Coast, 4295
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