Offshore Africa is owner run and managed by Rob Nettleton & Debbie Smith, a highly experienced team whose experience in the industry spans in excess of 30 years.

They specialize in the famous Sardine Run ocean safari, which is an absolute passion of theirs.

Whether you are after memorable photos or specialized itineraries & packages, the team of Offshore Africa Port St. Johns will ensure that you enjoy safe and exciting opportunities to get that special shot that you are after, above or under the water. Specializing in up close and personal encounters with some of the east coast of Africa’s larger marine creatures i.e. various Shark species, Whales, Dolphins, Mantas and a large variety of oceanic bird species, amongst other fascinating big marine game.

Ocean related trips, such as shark diving, scuba diving, ocean photography, river cruises and whale watching is offered to cater to all your adventure needs!

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