What To Expect

Salt Rock Tidal Pool is a stunning large tidal pool with plenty of marine life to look at while snorkeling to spite the fact that it is drained once a year to clean up any debris that accumulates during the year.

This maintenance and distance you have to walk from Salt Rock Beach ensures that it is a very clean tidal pool. Swimming and snorkeling are highly recommended activities at Salt Rock tidal pool and is an excellent fishing spot for the avid angler.

Salt Rock tidal pool was originally built for the residence of Salt Rock caravan park and hotel. Non-resident visitors are welcome to use the tidal pool however you will need to access it from Salt Rock Beach and is a 300-meter walk. Keep in mind that you will only have access to the caravan park opposite the tidal pool if you are a resident and therefore if you are not you will not be able to use the ablution facilities.

Lifeguards are not present at the tidal pool however it is a safe environment even for young children. The ocean next to the tidal pool has a very strong current and with the absence of lifeguards swimming in the ocean is strongly discourage as it is a dangerous beach to swim in the ocean for inexperienced bathers.

The surfers love the big waves though and it popular surfing spot in Ballito


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