Tandem Skydiving

First Time Skydiving? No Problem!

With no previous experience in Skydiving required, tandem skydiving is undoubtedly the safest and most convenient way to experience skydiving for the first time. And with our location in the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, Skydive Parys is unquestionably the most scenic and historic place to experience the exhilarating thrill of tandem Skydiving Johannesburg.

What to Expect

Our team of highly professional and qualified Tandem Masters will take you from 0-200km/h for an unforgettable freefall experience. At a safe altitude the tandem master will deploy the parachute and you will enjoy a 5-7 minute canopy flight over the beautiful Vaal river before landing back at the drop zone.

  • The Tandem Skydive experience begins with a 15 minute detailed briefing. This covers all aspects of the Skydive and the parachute system, the aircraft exit, the freefall body position, the parachute flight, and the parachute landing.
  • Each person is fitted with a specifically designed tandem harness, jump suit and goggles and is assigned to a Tandem Master.
  • The climb to altitude takes approximately 15-25 minutes, depending on the aircraft used on the day.
  • Attached to a highly experienced Tandem Master, you will exit the aircraft and enter the world of freefall.
  • At the safe and predetermined altitude the Tandem Master will deploy the Main Parachute.
  • You will now, under the guidance of the Tandem Master, be offered a chance to fly the parachute. The tandem master will perform the parachute landing.
  • Each person’s entire experience is professionally filmed, photographed and edited. We upload your video and photos to Google Drive, so you can conveniently download. (Only applicable to the packages, that include video and photos)
  • Each person receives a prestigious certificate of achievement.

Learn to Skydive Solo

Skydive Parys is a licensed student training drop zone. Skydive Parys is a registered drop zone with PASA (Parachute Association of South Africa). Skydive Parys offers Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line training. Want to learn to Skydive and become a qualified solo skydiver, click on one of the options to find out more info on our training program.

Experienced Skydivers

Welcome Fun Jumpers!

With its close proximity to Johannesburg and stunning views over the Vaal river and Vredefort Dome World heritage site, Skydive Parys is an ideal location for enjoying sport jumping.

Our dropzone community welcomes all levels of skydivers to join us at the dz. Sports skydivers are welcome 7 days a week at Skydive Parys, subject to aircraft and lift capacity on the day. Pre-manifest is essential to ensure that your requirements are met. All sport skydivers must be members of the Parachute association of South Africa and must be holders of a current PASA licence.

On arrival at Skydive Parys you will be required to complete a comprehensive indemnity waiver and provide your logbook, PASA card and skydiving equipment for inspection. DZ orientation will follow prior to your jumps.

There is a selection of skydiving equipment to hire at the DZ, but sports skydivers are required to be self-sufficient with their own gear. Packers of sports equipment are available, but we urge you to acquire this essential skill in your sport and pack for yourself.

While altitude is never guaranteed, Sport skydivers can expect a minimum drop altitude of 10,000ft AGL from our Apollo T (Turbine) which is fitted with an in flight door as well as skydivers step, handles, comfortable floor mat and other skydiver friendly accessories.”

Due to the high demand from Sport Skydivers, Skydive Parys has purchased Two Apollo T (Turbine) Aircraft. The First Apollo T (ZU-IHA) is up and operational and the second Apollo T will be completed mid 2018. During busy periods, and on selected weekends, we will also operate suitable turbine aircraft to meet the demands of both our Tandem customers and sport skydivers. (When we need extra lift capacity an Atlas Angel will be utilised, minimum drop altitude is 10,000ft AGL).

Please see the chart below for information concerning lift ticket prices for experienced skydivers.

Listing Amenities

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