Learn to Skydive

So you want to learn to jump out of a plane, huh?  Now you’ve made the decision to learn to skydive the first step is easy, and that is to attend our First Time Jump (FTJ) course, which usually runs every two weeks.  You can either choose to do the basic FTJ course which includes ground school and one static line jump from 3,500ft or the deluxe package which includes the ground school and three static line jumps.  The course schedule is that you do ground school on the Saturday and then do your first jump on Sunday morning.  When you sign up, everything is included; training, equipment rental, repacking and all course materials.  It’s your job to bring your enthusiasm and excitement.

During the course the instructor will explain the options you have after you’ve completed the FTJ course, which is either Student Progression or Accelerated Freefall (AFF).  Skydive Robertson provides both learning options so it’s up to you to decide after talking to your instructor. Student Progression and AFF cost approximately the same but the progression option includes more jumps so you’ll be at the dropzone more often meaning you’ll be soaking up more skydiving experiences from other jumpers, and maybe learn to pack.  There are fewer AFF levels and you’ll be done quicker once completed, but each level is more expensive as you’ll have instructors jumping with you so retakes cost more.  Each AFF level is from the top, which at Robertson is 11,000ft.  Yes, you go straight to 11,000ft and jump into the blue.

Tandem Skydive

A tandem skydive is the ultimate way to experience the thrill of freefall with minimal preparation. You will receive an intensive briefing including an introduction to the equipment that will be used, and how it works and what to expect during your skydive. Then your instructor will assist with the fitting of your harness, take you out to the aircraft, and take care of all the work while you experience a thrilling 40 second freefall. A tandem skydive does not give you a license to jump but it will get you hooked on skydiving. If you want to take the sport further you will need to attend our First Time Jump (FTJ) course, which is run every other weekend.

Skydive Robertson is the only dropzone in the Western Cape that lets you have a third person to video and take pictures of you while you skydive; all other dropzones just stick a handycam on the wrist of the tandem instructor.  Your camera flyer will film you before, during and after your skydive and present you with your commemorative video when you leave.

Tandem parachuting allows you to experience the thrill of freefall skydiving without any extensive training and is our most popular skydiving course.

After your tandem tandem briefing, you will jump harnessed to the front of a fully qualified tandem instructor and then you jump. From the altitude you jump from, you will enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled freefall reaching terminal velocity at 200 kph.  When you land you’ll receive a Tandem Certificate signed by your instructor.

Experienced Jumpers

Skydive Robertson welcomes visiting experienced jumpers to arguably the most scenic dropzone in South Africa. Directly north of the DZ we have Arangieskop, which at around 5500 feet, is called the The Everest of the Western Cape by many. Further on to the north west we can see the Matroosberg maintains, which in winter we can see covered with snow. To the south we can see Cape Agulhas, where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet. To the west, on a clear day, we can see the majestic Table Mountain. And at this point we haven’t even mentioned the 50+ vineyards we see directly below us as we make our ascent to altitude. So if you like something to see while you are climbing and waiting to exit, you simply cannot beat Skydive Robertson for the impressive scenery.

When you come there is the obvious paperwork you’ll need to do.  You can get started on the paperwork by registering and then completing your profile on the Skydive Robertson Member Portal.

When you arrive a jumpmaster will provide a dropzone orientation, and manifest will be happy to point out riggers, camera flyers, or the regulars who enjoy whatever discipline you prefer.  Of our members are a mixed bunch who freefly, wingsuit and do formation skydiving.  If you are a visiting jumper with foreign association membership please read our notes for experienced foreign visiting jumpers. Since we’re a good way out of the Cape Town, most people make a weekend of it. Camping at the airfield is for free for all jumpers, and we have some basic catering facilities. On Saturday evenings we generally braai (BBQ), and the atmosphere around the fireplace is renowned country wide and a tradition we’ve kept on from our roots in Citrusdal. The town of Robertson offers restaurants, a host of B&Bs and many wine farms in the surrounding areas. For entertainment, there’s skydiving, talking skydiving, watching skydiving, dreaming about skydiving, slacklining and WOP. The rules of WOP will be explained about three quarters of the way through your first game. Off of the dropzone, you’ll find hiking and cycling trails in the area, wine estates and many more. There is a tourism office in Robertson that can be consulted as well. In the dropzone shop we have the latest club and boogie t-shirts, hook knives, goggles, helmets, weight vests, altimeters, logbooks and bungies, plus lots of other shiny things you didn’t know you needed.

You can also get a jump on the dropzone briefing you’ll get on your first visit, you can check out our online dropzone briefing.

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