Experience traditional clay pigeon shooting as the clay pigeon soars through the air and you try to shatter it with a direct hit.  When you hit those targets and shatter the clay, the sense of satisfaction is immense. It leaves you wanting more and more.  Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned sharp-shooter we have something for all skill levels and abilities.  We also cater for those who have never fired a gun before, which makes this a unique learning experience that is fun and exhilarating.

See who is the best shot!  Subsequently, once the bug bites, you may get addicted to this activity!

We operate the clay pigeon shooting from Kunguru Lodge, in Elgin Valley, situated one hour out of Cape Town.  Our registered shooting range is easily accessible.  For this purpose, the lodge houses the popular Wildcats Pub & Restaurant for refreshments and meals.  It has a relaxed ambience and is thus ideal for small or large groups as well as families and individuals wanting to enjoy the hospitality and activities at the lodge or explore the magnificent Elgin Valley.

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