We'll keep the short & sweet ... very sweet !

Save on stays is a unique advertising opportunity focussed on providing our followers and social media users with discounted rates on accommodation from the best South African lodges, cabins, hotels, guesthouses, resorts and even campsites.

How does it work?

Every Wednesday, these specific SOS deals run for 24 hours on our Instagram & Facebook stories.
In order to be considered to advertise on our SOS deals, establishments need to offer a discount equal to 10% off or more, or alternatively, provide a product, service, activity or night free etc. (something good)

Who can advertise with us?

Any hotel, cabin, lodge, holiday home, spa, resort, camp sites that are located in south Africa.

Establishments that offer good value for money, safe, secure accommodation.

Types of deals we love.

Why are we doing this?

To showcase quality accommodation and the beauty South Africa has to offer.

To encourage travel and tourism within South African boarders.

To provide our followers and social media users with great deals

To encourage international tourism and visitors.

To attract price-sensitive consumers (majority of SA travelers believe that they would travel more often if prices were more affordable.

To increase room occupancy.

To generate a demand during off-peak seasons.

To encourage repeat business.

To increase social media presence and grow following.

What does it cost? (Less than you think)

*Please note that all high resolution images and videos is to be supplied by the advertiser. We offer photography and videography packages, Please enquire about these if you require amazing images and footage of your venue.

We’re really social people!

Since inception (September2021), our focus has always been on Instagram as our research has led us to believe that this platform was best suited to our target audience.

Example of SOS story post

SOS - Proposal new story post example

Example of what your advert will look like

SOS - Proposal new story post example

Interested ? Sure you are!

Please get in touch with us via email on info@findyouradventure.co.za. You will receive a link which contains a booking form or if you’d prefer to send an email with all necessary information.

Here's what we need

  1. Your Logo – High resolution logo, preferably in PDF format.
  2. Hero Image – This is what sells! your best image in a high resolution format.
  3. Deal description – What’s your deal?
  4. Name of venue
  5. Secondary image, once again, high resolution.
  6. Contact details – Address, tel, email, web, whatsapp (if applicable).
  7. Instagram handle. Include the “@” symbol.
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